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Rendering with lights

Content: Over 7  hours of video classes, divided in 11 sessions, PSD files and brushes, group discussion for feedback

Improve your shading skills and start painting better !

This "Rendering with lights" course is for you that is looking to paint better, but struggles somehow with light and shadow.
Tired of watching many youtube tutorials with super advanced tips that you can't reproduce?

In this course I will mentor you step by step on how to dominate lighting, how to properly define shapes and add color to them.

Later I will show you how to do some post production as well.


You will be handed photoshop template files to do the  process on your own!

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Course advantages

grupo de Estudos

Group discussion

You can also participate in a group discussion with colleagues to exchange ideas and feedbacks here in the portal.


Offline videos

All classes are recorded and available for you to watch, rewatch and study at your own pace.



The  course has exercises and a project to train what you have learned. 


What's the time commitment?

It will depend on the effort you put in. The lessons range from ~30 mins to ~1h each. We recommend setting aside a around 2h on the week to  watch each lesson and work on the project. 

Do I have a time limit to do it?

The classes are recorded and available to you. You can watch the videos at your own pace.

Will I receive feedback?

You will get informal feedback if you ask for it on the group discussion. You can also send me a direct message with questions.

Is this course for me?

We recommend this course for students that want to improve their rendering and shading skills, as well as lighting. We recommend a base understanding of drawing, but it's not required. You won't be drawing on this class, just painting what is handed to you.

Need help or still got questions?

We can help you with any questions related to the course, payment and your experience as a student!

Email: bullstormacademy (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you! Moo! 🐂

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